Exercising is an effective way of boosting the immune system, especially if paired with a healthy diet. Not all individuals have the motivation to work out and may experience difficulties in starting. These difficulties can vary from lack of equipment and space at home to being reluctant to go to the gym themselves. In thinking of having a gym membership, they might have worries of being judged which is usually the case for first-time goers. This is where Planet Fitness comes in, it is a fitness gym advocating a judgment-free and intimidation-free zone to its members. But before joining, these are some pros and cons of planet fitness that need to be considered.

The advantages of joining Planet Fitness are, it is open 24 hours, inexpensive, clean, and has a lot of equipment. A gym that is open for 24 hours may not be a big deal for most gym goers, but it matters for others. This is especially true for those who like exercising early in the morning or late at night. It also helps gym goers who have varying schedules because members can workout at any time without worrying if a gym might already be closed. They charge $20 per month, which is relatively cheaper than gyms which charge $30-$50 monthly. Membership comes with perks that vary from unlimited use of massage chairs to fitness apparel discounts.

If there are advantages, there are

Planet Fitness prides itself on its cleanliness, for example, their locker rooms are clean, well-stocked, and their shower curtains are regularly changed. Most especially, they have paper towels and spray bottles to wipe their equipment with before using them. Another advantage is, this fitness center has a lot of equipment from treadmills to bikes that there is no waiting time to use. This is perfect for those who work on a tight schedule and can only allocate a fracture of their exercise time. Having more equipment means that more members can use them even during busy schedules.

If there are advantages, there are also disadvantages on Planet Fitness which are, serving junk foods, “lunk” alarm, dress code, and it is hard to cancel a membership. For a fitness center to offer junk foods is a letdown because it encourages bad eating habits. Planet Fitness offers free unlimited pizza every first Monday of the month, free bagels and coffee every first Tuesday of the month. A jar of chocolate rolls is placed on the front desk, which members are encouraged to take when leaving. Even if they do not have an ulterior motive in having junk foods, they should be promoting healthy snacks to their clients.

Pros and Cons of Planet Fitness

This fitness center has what they call a “lunk” alarm that goes off whenever someone grunts too loud or drops weights too much, reaching a certain decibel. It is normal for a gym to be full of members grunting during a workout or making noise by dropping heavyweights. While the noise can be too much sometimes, it is still not right to counter it with an alarm that makes an even louder noise than those grunts. Having a dress code may not be considered as a disadvantage, but when used to discriminate against someone, then it will be considered as one. Like in one circumstance, a pregnant woman was prohibited from entering because their staff said that her clothes did not cover her baby bump well.

Canceling one’s membership is a common occurrence in gym memberships, even if the fitness center offers great service or not. This is mostly true to individuals who move a lot due to work or those who are extremely busy and could not enjoy it anymore. However, canceling a membership in Planet Fitness can be challenging as some report being charged even after quitting the gym.

Pros and cons are common not just in Planet Fitness but in other gyms as well. These advantages and disadvantages can help those interested in being a member of this fitness center to decide whether to push through with their memberships. The advantages show the good sides of the gym, while the disadvantages show some areas that they need to improve to give better services to clients.