Fitness is being healthy physically, mentally, have good health and able to do your daily tasks without any hassle. Exercises are done depending on what the goals are, peer pressure when you see nice toned bodies while you want the same. Some excersice are for health benefits, for weight loss, to reduce risk of chronic diseases and others, exercising makes them happy. Fitness helps prevent occurrence of some diseases in the body like heart and kidney problems. Stretching makes the body flexible getting rid of joint pains. Being fit can mean to complete a given task, that means that you are fit for the job. Health fitness has its definition or what is believed about fitness and its importance.

It helps in weight loss and

It helps in weight loss and controls weight, during work outs, calories are burnt aiding in weight loss. Instead of driving or taking a bus, walk to your destination if weight loss is the goal. Regular exercises promote better sleep, they are fun if you are working out in the gym or with friends unlike exercising alone. Doing exercises in the morning help start your day with energy, feel good about yourself, boost your moods to go about your day. If you are working out to get into shape, every time you work out, you feel better about yourself and your mood improves. You feel better about your appearance, self-esteem is not low.

Advantages and disadvantages of fitness

Not exercising every day is bad for your health, for example, it can lead to obesity which in turn leads to heart attack due to accumulation of fats around the heart. Working out daily, muscles joints get injured especially if you are doing it wrong. Consult with your instructor or personal trainer to understand the correct way of working. Patience is a virtue, without patience, you may abandon your program since results are not instant.

Advice on fitness is confusing because we are not the same. Some advice will be given out of experience and others will advice because it is their job, they went to school for that. Fitness varies from one person to another, getting advice from someone on what works for them will not mean that, that will work for you. This should be a program and people should just follow adjust according to their needs. Being fit requires discipline, watch what you eat, cut sugar from your diet, hours of sleep at night, energy around you, surround yourself with positive energy people.