Working a 9-5 job can be tedious and draining as it is and hence reasons why many people consider taking an outdoor activity after or before they enter their jobs. The Solana yoga mat is designed with these specific people in mind to help them maintain a healthy and a good outdoor connection with their life during meditation.

It is made of an extra

It is made of an extra thick pad made of foam that allows the user to stretch and exercise without the fear of hurting themselves were they to bounce on it or take elongated poses. The foam used to make it enables users to pose, balance and have comfort as they exercise during their yoga, Pilates or normal stretching workouts. Being thick, it also prevents stress on pressure points which would lead to straining. This would in turn affect the concentration of the user during the workouts as well as their other routine activities. It is therefore designed free of hard materials such as metal, for the safety of users during workouts.

After purchase, the buyer is advised

After purchase, the buyer is advised to air the mat which helps to remove the odor. True to its word, the mat does not have materials such as latex or phthalate used in its production. These usually would be sources of bad smell after rolling the mat after workout but still airing it is considered important. People with allergies are therefore taken care of by the alleviation of these materials and can therefore use it comfortably.

Cleaning can sometimes become a dreadful

Cleaning can sometimes become a dreadful experience when dealing with materials that need extra care and specifics for cleaning while time is limited. However, with this mat, all that has been dealt with where a user is strongly warned against dipping the mat in water. Instead wipe it clean and leave it out to dry, super easy, don’t you think?

During its designing, since the use

During its designing, since the use of heavy metals is avoided, the mat can be rolled over although with a little difficulty, but still doable such that its storage is easy. It is a guarantee that one will not need more space than they already do for the storage of the mat as it will occupy a little space when folded.

A  the Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat

A carrying strap makes it easy to transport to and from the venue of exercise. These helps to put the mat in place to prevent it from unfolding time to time which could become a bother to the user during transportation. If you are worried about its weight that’s needless since it weighs no more than your weight can support. It is light weighted and as a user you can carry it without getting worn down.

The designers of the mat are aware that life does not revolve around the 9-5 jobs. People need a little excitement outside their little office walls to cheer them up to face the next challenge. With this in mind, they came up with this superior product developed from the idea of cycling to facilitate serene, clean, and healthy living environment where meditation can be done to facilitate wellness in people. The mat has therefore been made from durable products that are going to serve the user for a long time without the need to replace. This would otherwise be littering the environment- a practice the manufacturer is against.

Affordability of the product is assured as it comes at a pocket friendly price yet a reliable product. The fact that not all people can afford subscription fees for gyms is prevalent and therefore their right to healthy bodies and lifestyle has been taken care of by the manufacturer. Users are however still guaranteed of the quality of the product despite its price. They can always ask for a replacement should the mat fail to match the description offered or the experience they intended to have using the mat.

Passionate wellness trainers, gym and yoga class trainees and trainers are taken care of with this mat. Being non- toxic and a unisex product, none is discriminated in the quest to achieving their wellness goals and hence the need to acquire this product while stock lasts. It comes in a variety of colors to select from so that as a user you are not locked out of use because of the taste of the color.